In God They Trust

The Goffnets are just an ordinary family living in Mount Pleasant, Mi. who has kids, jobs, and do everyday things like everyone else.  But one thing seems to set them apart.

Steve Goffnet and his wife Linda Goffnet open up their home every Sunday night to anyone who wants to feel the presence of God.  Many people refer to their house as the Prayer House.

Steve was an atheist before being saved by the lord, in which, he feels it is his duty to pray over people.

When he is not praying for people, he is a serviceman at Baders and sons, where he has been working for 42 years.  He began working there at the age of 14.

Originally, it did not start as a prayer house.  It started as a bible study in 1994 and at around 1999 they turned it into the prayer house.

“When Jason Upton’s music was introduced to me, that was when we shifted from traditional bible study to listening to God and seeing what he has to say,” Steve said, “It’s different because we just let it flow.”

Steve said people find their place with God when they go there and it stays that way.

“I’ve had people say they come here just to get away and it feels peaceful,” Linda said.

People have a choice whether they want to pray or get prayed over or they can sit in the kitchen and talk.  Some people have a problem in life and they’re scared, so come to ask Steve for him to pray just to see what God has to say.

People go for all different reasons.  “Some people come because they can’t believe people,” Steve said.

They mainly do it just to bless people.  They want people to enjoy their life and know God has a plan for them.

To put the prayer house on every night actually costs them money.  They make dinner and baked goods for people to enjoy while they are there.

Some people arrive as early as 7pm and stay as late as 2am.

Steve not only prays for people in his home, but also when he is out at places like a restaurant.

God will speak to him and say to pray for a specific person. When he is praying over people, he has no control on what comes out of his mouth.  It is God speaking through him.

“It’s about God speaking through people and experiencing him and being free” Linda said.

The majority of the time when people who have major problems get healed is when they come knocking on their door on a weeknight.

Most people who knock on their door are not people who regularly go there.

His hope is for people to know that God created them and he created a fellowship with him.  He believes God wants to talk to us and he wants us to talk to him.

What blesses Steve the most is when people find out that God is in fact real and wants to have a relationship with him.


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