Week 9

I.Love.Baseball.  (I especially enjoyed it because I got to go in the dug out;)) This was my first time shooting baseball and I was by myself so I was a little nervous.  For my first time, I think I did pretty good. My focusing was better than when I shot gymnastics. Because of my nerves (of getting hit by the ball) I started out behind the net shooting the pitcher.  I feel like I was shooting the pitcher quite a lot during the game and it felt too repetitive.  After a little while, I thought it was time to move to the dug out.  I started out on the right side with the other team to try to get some sweet first base shots.  I didn’t really get anything with that so I decided to switch dug outs. Honestly, nothing exciting happened in that game.  There was only one home run, made by the other team so I didn’t get anyone sliding into home. I’m hoping the next games are a little less boring.

PIC_4443 PIC_4517 PIC_4551 PIC_4650


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