Week 8

It’s a little over halfway through the semester and there are still some things that I struggle with.  I think my biggest problem that I am having is the focusing on the athlete that I am shooting.  For example, when I shoot gymnastics, I can never get the vault or some of the floor in focus.  For vault, I have tried to follow the girl running down the floor and I have also waited until she got to the vault.  Maybe it’s the fact that I still haven’t found the perfect spot to stand.  Positioning, I have found, is very important in gymnastics, as well as other sports.  The location where I shoot from depends on the lens I am using. I think I need to mix it up some more to experience with more of the lenses.  I’ve mostly shot gymnastics with the 300mm, which that didn’t work out for me too well.  All the shots were a bit tight.  On beam, I know to use a shorter lens so that I can get more of the atmosphere behind the gymnast.  I’ve looked at the galleries on the athletics website to see what Tim was talking about by getting more of the atmosphere.  It made a lot more sense to actually see examples.  Another thing that can be problematic for me is that I don’t have the best camera to shoot with.  My camera only goes up to an ISO of 1600, so unless I check out lenses for my Nikon, I think I need to use the department’s camera from now on.  Another thing that I know to do now is to shoot A LOT more.  If I shoot a lot, then I have more of a chance of getting the moment.  I think one way I can do that for sure is by buying a bigger memory card.  I only have a 4GB card for my canon and I should get at least a 16GB.  I think I was focusing too much on getting enough shots of the seniors at the end of the gymnastics meet and was trying to save space, so I forgot to get enough action shots.  I think when I start shooting baseball and softball, I need to know where to stand and who to focus on.  Since I have absolutely no experience shooting baseball, I need to know everything about shooting the sport.  Once I figure out the little things I can do to fix the problems I am having, I know I can be a successful sports shooter.  I look at all this as a learning experience and I know I can only get better from here.

Here are some photos from the gymnastics meet:






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