Visual Communication and our National Parks

After participating in the Denali National Park conference call, I was very impressed and motivated to find an internship in one of our National Parks.   The idea of preserving such a radiant environment is thrilling to think about.  Through visual communication, I can show through my abilities the beauty that our National Parks have to offer.  Furthering my skills in a beautiful and unfamiliar territory will strengthen me both personally and professionally.

I want to photograph how people and animals interact with nature in a pure and genuine way.  I believe we need to have a love for watching others share the joys of the creation of nature.  Learning to enjoy and appreciate nature helps humanize us, keeps us humble, and finds meaningful purpose in our daily lives.  We need to learn the importance of how truly privileged we are to be a part of such a magnificent ecosystem.  It is our responsibility to learn about and nourish that natural environment.  That is why I am excited to commit myself to this opportunity.  Through photographs and video, I want to help others experience the extraordinary sense of well-being that can be achieved through exploring and preserving the wonders of our National Parks.


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