Jrn 445 final

Autistic children are very similar, yet very different from other children. Most of the time, they seclude themselves from others and do their own thing. There are no know causes or cures for Autism. There has been speculation about vaccinations and evolution helping the cause, however. People who have the disease suffer with non-verbal communication, issues with a wide range of interaction, and activities that involve play and/or banter. Brighton resident Beckham Johnston was officially diagnosed with autism at the age of two. Kalin Hesse, his mother, had noticed problems when he was born. He would not take a bottle and he was very disconnected from everything going on around him. Despite the negative aspects of life with autism, Beckham’s mom said he has an incredible memory. “He can watch a movie and not see it for three months, then watch it again and recite every single word from the movie.” Hesse said she has learned so much from having a son with autism and she has gained a lot of patience from it. People will stare and judge if they see a parent handling a situation differently. For Beckham, if he starts to act out, his mom will play a movie for him on his ipad. All kids have different way of coping. His Ipad is what calms him down in overwhelming situations. Hesse said she knew people were thinking she’s a lazy mom, but for that reason, she does not judge anybody anymore. Since Beckham doesn’t have a look, people often will confuse why he acts the way that he acts.
In school, Beckham is allowed fifteen minutes of his Ipad, if he completes fifteen minutes of work. The Ipad acts as motivation and a reward for getting certain tasks done. He is able to read books and watch movies on it.
Kalin just wants the best for her son so he can have as much as a normal life as possible and to not feel like he is isolated from the world and all it has to offer him.

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