Jrn 423 Final


Arranged marriage has been a tradition in India for many years.  Nowadays, parents will match horoscopes in hopes of finding a match for their son or daughter.  Both families will meet all together, while the prospective couple does not say a word.  For Prasad Bhatkhande, the story is a little different.  Bhatkhande has been dating a girl, Supriya, for almost 5 years now.  She is in India, where she is a doctor, while he lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan working at Arden Company. Within the past year and a half, they have seen each other only once. When they were dating, they had secret skype dates because her parents were not ready to accept him as their son in law. His parents accepted her almost right away, while her parents were more strict and needed convincing.  Since it was reaching the 5 year mark of dating, his parents began to wonder whether the two of them were going to get married or not.  His parents had picked out two women as a backup plan in case this marriage did not happen.  It is tradition in India for family members to scope out information about the other person through a variety of different sources.  His mom found information on Supriya, as well as her mom confronted his best friends mother for information about him.  Eventually both families agreed to the marriage, which is set for November 29th, 2012.  “I don’t think an arranged marriage is a bad thing,” Bhatkhande said, “my parents have an arranged marriage, my sister has an arranged marriage, almost everyone in India has an arranged marriage, and very few have a love marriage.”  He said he would have an arranged marriage for his kids if they did not find someone on their own.


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