Final Project Proposal

  1. In life I believe we should be more informed about the risks of breast cancer.  I feel if we heard someone who survived breast cancer tell their story, we would do more to help lower risks of ourselves getting the disease.  I feel there are so many stories about women out there, but we rarely hear stories from men who have the disease.  Even though it is less common, it still needs to be brought to the publics attention because it is possible for a man to get breast cancer.
  2. The topic of my project will be a survivor of breast cancer.  I will go to a hospital and see if they can help me out to see if anyone would be interested in telling the story of their journey.
  3. Since this is not necessarily a happy topic, I will hold the interview in a somewhat darker room. I will then film my subject at home with loved ones to show she had support during his journey.
  4. I do not have a specific subject at this point in time
  5. My main goal in an interview is to get my subject to tell me his story.  I want to know things like how he felt when he was first diagnosed, what were some struggles he had to go through, and what did his loved ones think.  I would also like to speak to a doctor and get some information on breast cancer and everyday activities that we can do to lower our risks of getting it.
  6. I will shoot mostly on weekends.
  7. I hope my piece will have an impact of my viewers in a way they really see that we have to do something about this horrible disease.  Breast cancer takes the lives of so many people, so I want to stress the precautions that we can take to lower the risks.

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