Jrn 423 Final Project Proposal

  1. I want to explore the life of a hoarder and show the challenges and differences they face in life.  I will try to get ahold of a hoarder and film them in their natural environment in their home.
  2. I will call a psychologist here at CMU and see if she can help me get ahold of a hoarder.  I want to the audience to know how difficult it is to live like that and show that person’s story.
  3. I will shoot the person at home and how they function on a day to day basis.  I may follow them out to the grocery store or somewhere to get the whole aspect of the story.
  4. I am still trying to find a subject but once I do, I will interview that main subject as well as some of their family members if they have any close by.
  5. The main elements in the interview will seek to establish why they choose to live like that.  I want to get to know my subject and get to the bottom of the  story.
  6. I will start out by showing the home of my subject while interviewing and getting to know the subject.  I will follow the subject out on the town and talk to family members and end at the home again with some finishing words.
  7. I will shoot on weekends throughout the rest of the semester.
  8. I feel my piece will have an impact on my viewers because it will show that not everything is easy and the difficulties these people go through just trying to survive.

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