Final Project Proposal

A day in the life of a female police officer

This will help you keep focused while working on your project


What are your persuasions about the world you are going to show? Write a “credo” statement that you want to emerge out of your project. Incorporate this wording:

a)     In life I believe that everyone should be considered equal and there should be no differences between genders in the workplace.  I feel society gives the impression that there are certain jobs for men and certain jobs for woman.  I believe women can do just as much as men do in the the workplace.

b)     My project will show this in action by following a female police officer on the job for a day.

c)     Ultimately I want the audience to understand that women can do anything a man can do and stop the stereotypes of what gender belongs to certain jobs.

d)     who- female police officer

what- following the officer around interacting with officers/people and on the job.

Where- In mount pleasant

Why- to stop gender stereotypes


Write a concise paragraph about:

My main subject for this picture story is a female police officer with the state police department while on the job.  I will do a ride along and take pictures of her interacting with other officers and people in the community.

b) The necessary background information the audience will need to understand and be interested in the picture story you will present. Address how this information will emerge.


Write a brief paragraph of the activity you will  photograph. An activity is what occurs in one location, at one specific time.

I will shoot photos of the officer while driving and on the job.  I am hoping to capture moments that get the audience to think about gender stereotypying and get the point across that women can have any job they dream of.


Write a brief paragraph about your main subject. Include:

She is a state police officer located in Isabella county.  She occasionally pulls cars over, but her focus is patroling schools etc.


Write a brief paragraph on how you hope to structure your project. Consider:

I will start shooting in the morning when she is getting on the clock, so I will begin with shooting a couple shots of her at the police department. I will then shoot her in the policer cruiser and while working and then I will end back at the police department.


I will shoot Wednesday morning


I hope I can get the audience to consider the gender stereotypes that society gives us that determine which jobs are more femine and masculine.  I want to get rid of those stereotypes and show women can be police officers, etc.


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